Winners – 2019

Digital Safari Innovation Fair – December 2018
Participating Companies


CEO – Vince Aba

CTO – Zach Alferez-Delfin

Marketing Director – Monse Rosas

AeroPure is an innovative technological structure designed to help reduce the harmful pollutants found in the atmosphere in areas where air quality is low or unhealthy. This machine works much like that of a traditional air purifier, but on a larger scale. AeroPure can clean a radius of air upwards to 4 acres. The purifying structure simultaneously takes in the unclean air and produces fresh, clean air for the public to breathe. The AeroPure system has a three-stage filtration system, inspired by the most advanced air purifying technology, combining HEPA, PECO, and a UV light to filter 99.9% of contaminants in the air. The structure is built with a noise reducing inner layer to help maintain a quiet environment. AeroPure integrates a solar powered battery system to reduce energy costs. By providing various places around the world with the AeroPure system, we will achieve not only a healthier environment for all, but also help save millions of lives around the world. With the help of AeroPure, the opportunity for a brighter and cleaner future awaits.


CEO – Dyhia Diche

CTO – Jayde Greene

CFO – Selvin Ayala

Marketing Director – Bryce White

Alert Network, a smart high tech security system, is designed to keep educational campuses safe and clear of dangerous weapons. The system provides quick alerts and fast communication between all faculty within school grounds. Alert Network works with smart cameras, smart watches worn by teachers and administrators, and a location system of everyone on campus. It is designed to achieve efficient communication and serves lives in the mindset of K-12 schools and colleges. The app will allow better and more refined communication between students, parents, teachers, administrators, and authorities. Alert Network also allows everyone within campus to send any alerts at specific locations to teachers and administrators. Once a responsible adult has confirmed the emergency, teacher and admin can immediately contact the authorities to take control. Alert Network works to prevent school shootings and save time to save lives.


CEO – Jake Mendoza

CTO – Bryan Gonzalez

CFO – Haziq Irshad

Aquafy’s mission is to conserve as much water as possible. We have created the newest, most efficient, regenerative water filter that recirculates clean water for hotels and hospitals. This means all the water used gets cleaned and goes back into their supply. Aquafy purifies the water as completely as it can be with our four core technologies of mesh nets, microfiltration filters, reverse osmosis filters, and ultraviolet light filters. Many current filtration systems use some of these technologies, but Aquafy is the only one to use all four. Our system is significantly smaller than most other systems, making it more cost effective for customers. Aquafy, recycle the present, save the future.

Bio Bin

CEO – Richard Freeman

CTO – Uzias Morales

CFO – Damian Cabrera

Marketing Director – Jessica Leon

Bio Bin is an elegant composting solution for all types of plastic. Our mission is to reduce the amount of plastic that end up in landfills and oceans. The Bio Bin is the size of a standard washing machine and is composed of aluminium with three different layers. When plastic is put into the Bio Bin, our patented super wax worms eat through the plastic and create a byproduct of ethylene glycol. The ethylene glycol is then collected in the bottom bin and is shipped back to Bio Bin, where it is used in creating products such as antifreeze. By having a Bio Bin in every home, the amount of plastic that pollutes the environment is drastically reduced. We are solving the puzzle of plastic one bin at a time.


CEO – Jasmine Navarro

CTO – Gisselle Lopez

CFO – Orfil Salazar

There are 1.3 billion people living with some sort of visual impairment all around the world and 36 million who are blind. In the U.S, there are around 1 million Americans who are legally blind. Physical movement is one of the hardest things for the visually impaired which is why they’re asking for reading assistance. To help with this problem, we have created Bud, a reading assistant and navigator for the visually impaired. These powerful glasses are developed through our innovative BudVision Software. This allows the glasses to communicate with the user, follow given instructions, locate the user, navigate the user, and read to the user. It also has a built in sensor, camera, and earbud which allows the alert system installed to work. Apart from navigating and reading, it makes sure the user is in a secure position. Simple taps on the sides can activate the scanner to scan what’s in front of them and read to the user. These glasses connect to our app; Bud. The app is where the navigating system is installed and the user’s information is kept. The app can be installed by other family members that can let them know where their other family members are located. With Bud, users can arrive to destinations safely and independently. It is better than a dream.


CEO – Eunice Fumar

CTO – Judy Mancol

CFO – Kevin Beccera

Marketing Director – Gabriel Mejia

Our company’s goal is to decrease the amount of anxious children, teenagers, and young adults in this generation that is labeled as the loneliest. Celeste is a brand new tech-integrated jewelry system that tracks breathing and heart rate and offers acupressure and aromatherapy. Celeste can help children, teens, and young adults’ state of mind. With our new Acuroma technology, Celeste sends a calming scent or soothing acupressure to the user with a simple press of a button. In addition to our technology, our connected app offers health insight, daily inspirational quotes, and a communication service where people can share their thoughts with professionals. With Celeste, serenity is at the palm of your hands.


CEO – Daniel Tejada

CTO – Ernesto Padilla

CFO – Giselle Navarro

Marketing Director – Jesus Cidon

Our mission is for people to enjoy a nice summer vacation without having to worry about a dirty, unsafe beach. To solve that issue, we have invented CoastCleaner, a seaweed and beach litter collecting robot. We are prioritizing selling to resorts, municipalities, and private beachfront property owners. Our robot does all the hard work for its users. It will stroll around the beach collecting any seaweed and other litter, making sure the beach is spotless and beautiful. CoastCleaner will then return to its charging site to recharge and dispose of the collected waste. In addition to cleaning the beaches, the robot can also flatten or groom the sand as needed. CoastCleaner is the best solution for your pollution.


CEO – Josephine Huynh

CTO – Kassandra Serrano

CFO – Eric Plascencia

With CollegeStudio, our mission is to help college students succeed and to increase college retention rates. By downloading our app, users will get help financially and educationally by having their own virtual counselor to guide them through all the years of college. CollegeStudio features reminders about not only tests or assignments due in their classes but also sports, clubs, and other events around them. Students will also get financial tips and budgeting ideas to manage money. They will also be able to discover scholarships or other information about courses that are offered at their campus. Our job is to make sure our students are on track in college and have the best experience possible. Students, teachers, counselors, coaches and other staff will be able to keep information updated so college students won’t be left behind or miss anything they want to know. All we want is for students to enjoy college, help when needed, and never miss anything that goes around campus.


CEO – Mariely Duarte Flores

CTO – Hunter Kelly

CFO – Christian Rafael

Marketing Director – Victor Diaz Flores

At EcoThrive, it is our mission to teach about the importance of waste management. Our product, the Bin, is a waste sorting machine that can easily separate landfill waste, recyclable material, and compost. Our machine uses sensors and artificial intelligence to detect the type of waste and dispose of it into its category. The Bin connects to a smartphone app that has several key features, including detecting amount of waste in each section and offering tips on how to reduce waste. By using Bin, customers will be able to save money while making a positive impact on the environment. With EcoThrive, it’s never bin easier.

My Fresh List

CEO – Evelyn Gallo

CTO – Hayden Thompson

CFO – Julio Garcia

Marketing Director – Alondra Diaz

My Fresh List is a food management system that helps people find the healthiest food products at the lowest prices. Our goal is to help families eat better and save money. Our app has a state of the art AI system that will learn your food needs and habits and then recommend places to buy good quality food near you. Customers will input information such as location, food preferences, and any allergies they or their family might have. Then My Fresh List will create shopping lists based on those needs and suggest stores based on price and coupons available. The app will also connect customers with grocery delivery services for those who can’t go to the stores or just want to pick something up without having to handpick things. A recipe recommender will suggest healthy recipes for people to try out based on their eating habits. People shouldn’t have to struggle to buy food, and My Fresh List will make a huge difference for those who struggle financially. With our app, everyone will be able to save time, money, and be healthy!


CEO – Alejandra Amaro Alvarez

CTO – Leiani Sarmiento

CFO – Noemi Ochoa

Marketing Director – Jessica Rodriguez Alvarado

At Guardian, our mission is to keep children safe and minimize child abduction. Our product, the Guardian Bracelet, is a steel bracelet created to be durable and discreet, with user’s information about their child’s well-being. The bracelet uses reliable and innovative technology such as a GPS tracking chip built into the bracelet along with a pulse sensor and an alert button. Our features make it so that parents and guardians receive notifications on their mobile device through our Guardian Bracelet app. Once the bracelet is programmed, parents and guardians can see the location of their child and their pulse rate. In an emergency, the alert button can contact the authorities and a set of contacts provided by parents and guardians. With Guardian, we are making sure your children feel protected.


CEO – Jordan Ramirez

CTO – Deyu Huang

CFO – Gene Arellano

Marketing Director – Jazmine Villa

We are Lifeline and we hope to provide the elderly with stability and safety regarding their physical well-being. ViPatch is a revolutionary health tracker in the form of four patches that attach to a subject’s wrist, chest, knee, and elbow. The patches contain an ECG sensor, an oxygen saturation sensor, movement sensors, and an LED light to track users’ pulses. Data collected from each patch is sent to the user’s personalized account, which is accessible through our app. Their doctor may also access the data, and any abnormalities are automatically visible to them at a moment’s notice. By using the ViPatch, users will be able to detect health issues much sooner, increasing the chances of recovery. Here at Lifeline, your health matters.


CEO – William Huynh

CTO – Joel Zuniga

CFO – Kevin Fernandez

Marketing Director – Alex Adel

At Medipulse, your health is our priority. We have created PatchPrime, a hydrophilic patch that uses cellulose hydrogel and lidocaine to save users from a life threatening wounds. Our product can help prevent injury, infection, and creates an environment for your cells to build over your wound. Medipulse built a self adhesive, self healing, and strain sensitive patch. Using this technology, users will be to treat any type of skin tissue damage, whether it be major or minor. PatchPrime sets a stepping stone for medical technology living in the present, and hope for the future. Believe in us and believe in PatchPrime.


CEO – Cinthia Lopez

CTO – Alonso Martinez

CFO – Ema Nau

Marketing Director – Karen Sepulveda-Montoya

Lawn mowers, backpack leaf blowers, and hedge trimmers help a lot in the daily lives of landscapers and commercial workers. However, the motors that power these machines cause harm to the environment by releasing a lot of emissions in the air. Each year about 4.6 million people, including gardeners, die from causes directly attributed to air pollution. At Power Leaf, our mission is to help put an end to air pollution by creating eco friendly products for the landscaping community. In order to reduce emissions and help put an end to pollution, we present the ECOleaf Motor. The ECOleaf Motor is a motor that runs on a PV system battery that collects sunlight and releases electricity into the wired connection rather than using actual gas and oil to power up the machine. The motor also senses poor air quality and notifies the gardener that it is safe to work where they’re currently standing. Gardeners and commercial workers will be more confident in using our motors knowing that it will neither cause harm to the environment nor their health. We will be collaborating with ECHO USA, since our motors will be installed in their manufactured lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and other products. We encourage gardeners and landscapers to buy our ECOleaf Motor for 12 hours of eco-friendly power. Go Green, Breathe Clean, Power Leaf!


CEO – Jonathan Gonzalez

CTO – Belen Ibanez

CFO – Sarahi Cac-Gaspar

Marketing Director – Alejandro Gonzalez

Vine-Guards’ mission is to make farming easier and more profitable. B.E.T.A. is an agricultural robot that detects problems in crops and gives them the necessary treatments needed. The B.E.T.A. also detects invasive pests and wards them off. This product is meant for vineyards all over the world. With the help of an AI system, B.E.T.A.’s arms takes samples and injects the crop with a supplement of nutrients or medicine. Using the lab testing kit inside, it diagnoses any problems in the crop and gives data about the applications B.E.T.A. will use to treat it. It is more efficient and precise when it comes to using nutrients. B.E.T.A. a high tech agricultural robot that keeps users updated on their plants nutrition and safety on growth eliminating invasive pests. Grow with B.E.T.A.