Winners – 2017

Digital Safari Innovation Fair – December 2017
Participating Companies


CEO: Trung Phan

CTO: Allan Morales

CFO: Alex Moreno

CMO: Jose Navarro

Andromeda Robotics strives to improve the standard of life for the growing aging population through the integration of service robots into everyday life, using years of research and experience to ensure the safety, health, and happiness of the ever growing aging population. Through years of research and through trial and error, Andromeda has created the most reliable home care robot in the world. The robot’s purpose is to provide care to the growing aging population. Andromeda’s robot is able to accomplish a wide variety of daily tasks such as cleaning, doing laundry, preparing meals, assisting in bathing and hygiene related functions, and so much more. Accomplishing whatever a home nurse could,  Andromeda’s robot can understand a variety of speech patterns and tones, allowing our robot to effectively understand different types of commands and engage in natural-sounding conversation.


Kloyd Ganancial – CEO

Alexsandra Cevallos – CTO

Adrian Canedo – Marketing

Paiman Nejrabi – CFO

ARTEmiS is a pair of augmented reality therapeutic spectacles, they were designed to help patients diagnosed with Schizophrenia or Anxiety disorders. The product consists of headphones that the wearer use. The product has an app that is able to store all of the data that wearer has recorded with the spectacles. For example, if the person wearing the glasses was having a breakdown in public they could simply put the earphones in and listen to their favorite music or look at images to help calm them down. The user is able to put their choice of music and visuals to be displayed when they will need it through the help of our app.

Bio-Ed Boxes

CEO: Hugo Moncada

CTO: Noah Quichocho

CFO: Matthew Miranda

Marketing Director: Ericson Amongo

Our mission is to better the environment and animals through our new and innovated packaging material whose life cycle continues past the delivery home. Our products are modern forms of packaging that can be recycled into animal feed. The Bio-ed Box is very eco-friendly and only consist of natural materials like grains and oats, which are edible. It will also use rice paper to help give it a rigid structure. We will partner with amazon to replace all their shipping materials with our new boxes. When users get our box, they can simply recycle it and it will be sent to local farms for their livestock.

Cosmic Drones

David Quinonez: CEO

Luis Perez: CTO

Dexter Valera: CFO

Sione Tuungafasi: CMO

The purpose of Cosmic Drones is to limit the amount of pesticide used on agricultural land, as well as to revolutionize the farming industry through the use of our product, Andrena. We strive to serve the farms and vineyards of our agribusiness customers. We want to fulfill the need for the reduction of pesticide spray, which pollutes our environment, and we’ll do that through the targeted use of our own non-toxic pesticides combined with state-of-the-art pest detection technology. Andrena is a drone that will scan farms and locate areas filled with pests, such as beetles, aphids, mites, thrips, and borers, and tag those certain areas for intensive, localized treatment. The technology used in Andrena include a camera, a pheromone detector, and Artificial Intelligence. The motion sensor camera will detect the activity of pests eating the farmer’s crops, while the pheromone detector, an “electronic nose,” can also sense hidden pests and bugs by their smell. Once pests have been detected and identified, Andrena will spray those pests that have become immune to the pesticide sprayed by farmers using a tank containing our non-toxic pesticide attached to the drones base. Andrena will have AI in order to record and learn while it is scanning; meaning it will possibly discover information and patterns about new bugs and pests that may have developed immunity to conventional pesticides.

Custom Relief

CEO- Rebecca Cottrell

CTO-Destiny Escalante

Financials Officer-Adrian Romo

Marketing Director-Edgar Valdez

The first product we as a company have created and are selling is called Therapy Relief. This product focuses on back pain that the customer is experiencing. Therapy Relief is a back pain patch that contains Lidocaine. Lidocaine is a local anesthetic (numbing medication). It works by blocking nerve signals in your body. Therapy Relief is a clear patch with bubble formed lidocaine in sections of the patch to make sure the customer gets the medicine they need to keep going. Around the Lidocaine there is a adhesive that allows the patch to stick and stay on longer than most patches on the market. Therapy Relief lasts up to 8 Hours, flexible so that the customer may have a great slumber without pain and worrying the patch may fall off. The patch also can be used up to 2 times before disposal. Lidocaine can be effective to those who are avoiding drugs that can be addictive.

Disaster Network

Talwinder Lally – CEO

Sierra Smith – CTO

Christian Meda – CFO

Mohit Gurung – Market Director

Our company aims to improve communication during natural disasters between the people that have been affected by them with the use of mesh networking. The Disaster Network is a communication device specifically used for when a natural disaster occurs. The device can be used in place of a cell phone in case the user’s cell phone breaks, isn’t charged, gets lost during an incident, or if cell towers go down to contact their loved ones and nearby people. The device can be bought in survival kits along with food, water, a space blanket, a flashlight, first aid kits, matches, and a backpack.


CEO – Stefanie Alvarez

CTO – Aimee Perez

CFO – Isaac Reyes-Vega

Marketing Director – Naomi Garcia Gomez

Here at ECM, our mission is stop deforestation and save lives.  The ECM Bar is the first plant supplement designed to make the environment healthier.  We take care of people and their trees. Our product is supplement for trees called the ECM Bar.  It is a cube sized bar that is made out of ectomycorrhizal (ECM) fungi that dissolves in water.  It helps trees stay alive by being drought resistant.  ECM fungi brings the water and nutrients back to trees during drought season.  A user can interact with our product by placing it in any water supply they have such as copper pipes, galvanized steel pipes, pvc pipes. etc.


Adrian Criley – CEO

Stephen Boyer – CTO

Norshawn Duplessis – CFO

Erick Mota – CMO

Hydracrete aims  to revolutionize the green building materials market. We wish to replace the use of sand as an ingredient within concrete, reduce C02 Emissions caused by the production of concrete, and provide a stronger alternative to concrete. We’ll fulfill these needs through the delivery of a better, faster, stronger concrete made of our hemp fibers.


CEO:Isabella “Izzi” Fleury

CTO: Aldo Escalante

CFO: Veronica Nava

Marketing:Daniel ‘Dani” Ochoa

To provide women in the community with a comfortable, safe and knowledgeable experience by making and distributing products that serve women and allows them to know all their options when comes to Breast Cancer. The LOTUS Thermographic Mammogram is a piece of medical equipment that uses infrared and thermographic technology combined with the basic parts of a 3D Mammogram machine to detect breast cancer. This device allows women to know if she has cancer in a shorter amount of time and if the cancer is fast or slow growing, benign or malignant, unlike regular mammograms of today. The LOTUS Thermographic Mammogram also annihilates the false positives problems with mammograms. One in 6 women experience a false positive, or a test result which incorrectly indicates that a cancer tumor is present, in her lifetime and every time she uses a Mammogram machine the possibility increases.

Make it Rain

CEO: Webster Gutierrez

CTO: Jonathan Gonzalez

CFO: Alberto Romo

Creative Director: Adrian Meda

The purpose of my business is to provide an adequate water supply and provide water to places it normally cannot reach. This product serves firefighters and farmers and they are also the main consumers of this product. Our product is called the Make it Rain (MIR). The main purpose of this product is to provide an adequate water supply to people and places that aren’t able to sustain water. Our product launches millions of negative ions which cause condensation and precipitation in a certain area. The MIR is a handheld rocket device that is launched into the atmosphere and it would start to precipitate in minutes.


CEO: Gabriela Bustamante

CTO: Jacelle Sarangelo

CFO: Christian Panong

Marketing Director: Sandra Galindo

Our purpose is to serve athletes and sport organizations by determining whether an athlete is seriously injured. We enable and provide immediate treatment and response to athletes injured on the spot. We value the idea of athletes being able to return to their passion back on the field safely. MedWrap uses advanced technology of movement sensors and computer assisted imaging to show where the player is seriously injured and determines if they’re able to get back to the field. Players will be playing the game like usual then when they get injured on the field, they will be taken to the side and diagnosed about their injuries using MedWrap. It will then notify the coach’s tablet and provide information about the player’s injuries.


CEO: Rasheed Harris

CTO: Jose Rodriguez

CFO: Emil-lion Dominguez

CMO: Alex Garcia

Injuries are a constant hindrance in the sports world that affect millions of athletes everyday.Reboost’s goal is to keep athletes in action and help them return to their peak maximum potential!.Reboost has been crafted for the owners,trainers and coaches of the athletes be team sports medicine facilities and owners/trainers of athletes as well as athletic organizations.Reboost is an athletic footwear sock that is designed to manage and monitor injuries to the lower leg. It does so through a proprietary Inertial Movement Analysis (IMA) algorithm to calculate acceleration/deceleration, free running and movement. Physiological parameters such as heart rate, vertical and horizontal movements help to provide accurate measurements. Includes basic wearable athletic technology such as at heart rate sensors and a pacer monitor.

Shore Clear Robotics

CEO: Cesar Castillo

CTO: Jose Lopez

CFO: Jeremiah Winn

The goal of Shore Clear Robotics is to clean coastal beaches of all plastic trash. Our company serves the government and various organizations. Our company will sell our robot products to governments, and other cleaning organizations. Our company cleans plastic in oceans and on beaches. We will clean the plastic with our state of the art smart robots. Our company cares about clean beaches for future generations.

Sound X

Louis Sabaricos – CEO

Maximiliano Mejia – CTO

Jovani Fragozo – CFO

Noa Nau – Marketing

Fire or the ability to create it is often cited as the spark of civilization but it is also one of the devastating sources of natural disasters, as the recent spread of wildfires in California demonstrates.. Sound X Inferno is a new way to extinguish and control wild fires. Our product enables fire departments and local governments to extinguish fires faster using sound waves instead of relying on water and manpower . It’s a new way to save more lives faster and lessen the risk of fires spreading in other areas. We value the environment and also aim to protect the homes and communities of those most susceptible to fire.The Sound X Inferno is a drone that extinguishes fire by producing low frequency sound waves between 30 and 60 Hz. The soundwaves deprive the fire of oxygen thus extinguishing flames. The Sound X is controlled by a computer. Our drone’s body is also covered with aramid fibers to protect its electric and mechanical components from the direct effects of the flame making it fireproof.

The Thinking Machine

CEO – Erick Jauregui

CTO – Alana Lanway

CFO – Jeremiah Lahiana

The Thinking Machine aims to improve the face of computing. Our patented Lightspeed process allows us to produce Graphene computer processors at a commercial level. Our graphene computer processors aim to improve computer speeds previously unattainable by silicon chips. Our product is transistors made of graphene instead of silicon.Graphene is a one atom thick sheet of carbon that is extremely conductive to electricity. It is also extremely durable and resilient and doesn’t explode like lithium. Our product aims to improve upon the current transistors made of silicon. Silicon is a semi-conductor capable of passing current but it is nowhere near as efficient as graphene. Transistors synthesized of graphene will decrease the amount of electricity required to power a computer. This works because of graphene’s immaculate ability to send electrical signals using less electricity. In addition to this computing speed is increased because graphene sends electrical inputs faster than silicon. The synthesization of graphene is an eco-friendly solution. The carbon to produce graphene will come from the art facilities that extract carbon from the air thus reducing the output of carbon dioxide and putting it to good use This product will not just increase our computing power it will also help the world. Our main income source will be from large companies and government contracts.


CEO: Lissette Cortez Rodriguez

CTO: Joshua Benito

CFO: Ronald Norwood

CMO: Ashley Galindo

While water is a vital necessity of Earth, we need it to maintain our health but starts with preserving our environment. The WHWF is a new and friendly way to help conserve water. Our product enables customers to continue with their daily lives, stress free, as they use their washing machines, showers, toilets, sinks, and etc without worrying about wasting water. This is a new way to live your life happy, clean, and satisfied by knowing that   you are conserving/ reducing water consumption. WWF filtration system filters out solid/contaminated matter from the water in order to reuse the water for your specific needs. This patented and new technology allows any user to reuse water that would be filtered  from the shower, sink, washing machines, and etc. The contaminated water is purified by the Nylon sheets with tiny iron oxide particles fiber that is inside of the 3-4 chamber filter. Once you are done using the sink, shower, or etc; our senor would then let the smart chip on the filter know where the water should be distributed.