Winners – 2016

Digital Safari Innovation Fair – December 2016
Participating Companies

Athena Technologies

Executive Team
CEO: Erika Joy De La Cruz
CFO: Kiarra Powell
CTO: Jesus Flores

At Athena Technologies, our goal is to make learning fun and fully interactive. Our product, Virtual Vista, is a headset that uses virtual reality to create unforgettable and immersive learning experiences for high school students. Students today are surrounded by distractions, and so what Athena Tech has done is create a way to integrate modern day technology with traditional classrooms. Virtual Vista is a headset that uses history and science software curriculum as an aid in the classroom. We are targeting upper urban high schools and are seeking an investment of $16.5M.

Cerebrum Industries

Executive Team
CEO: Clarissa Alvarado
CTO: Catalina Holani
CFO: Joseph Dongallo

Our company’s name is Cerebrum Industries. Every year millions of traumatic brain injuries occur, but not all of them are diagnosed quickly enough. Our goal is to provide a product that diagnoses traumatic brain injuries quickly, accurately, and easily. This product is the SIM Band, and it provides. The aim of our product is to help better diagnose traumatic brain injuries, such as concussions. Millions of traumatic brain injuries happen every year, and right after an accident doctors perform basic tests that do not give accurate results on potential brain damage. With our product, we are hoping to diagnose traumatic brain injuries quickly and effectively, allowing people to find treatment quicker and avoid long-term brain damage. Our product can let players know the overall health of their brain and notify them whether or not they should take a break, reducing the risk of long-term brain damage and a lawsuit such as the one above. We are requesting $5 million from our investors for our Series B financing. This investment will be used for product research, advertising, and patents. Upon investment, all investors will share 35% of the company’s profits and ownership. After five years of business, investors should expect their return to be $30 million, with a profit of at least $12.5 million.


Executive Team
CEO: Amylynn Nguyen
CFO: Michael Redzic
CTO: Dominic Duenas
CMO: Monica Cruz

Did you know that 2015 was the year of record breaking weather events for the United States? There has been a lack of snow and rainfall, causing a large percentage of the country to fall into moderate or severe droughts. Water conservation is the most effective solution to fighting the drought, and the EcoShower will take it to the next level. Our product is an in home shower filter that is designed to purify and recycle your shower water. Using micron and activated carbon filters, the EcoShower ensures that your shower water will be free of chloramines and sediments. This product will save new home owners hundreds of dollars on their water bill each year. With the help of your $20,025,000 investment, the EcoShower’s success in inevitable.

Ecotek, Inc.

Executive Team
CEO: Kyle Marasigan
CFO/CTO: Van Folloso
CMO: Sam Quintero

Ecotek focuses on the development of clean mobile energy. Two thirds of the U.S. population currently own a smartphone, and the most common problem when faced with technology that relies on batteries is battery life. Ecotek’s debut product is the Voltrik Kinetic Charger. The Voltrik Kinetic Charger captures and stores the user’s kinetic energy produced by natural body movement for charging mobile devices. The Voltrik focuses on marketing to smartphone users, and Ecotek currently seeks an investment of $3.4M.

MedaBear Inc.

Executive Team
CEO: Arturo Zepeda
CFO: Stephany Garcia
CMO: Dominic Gonsalves
CTO: Uriel Bermejo

MedaBear Incorporated is set out to help improve doctors, nurses, parents, and children’s lives. Children all around the world are afraid of check ups and doctors. When parents and doctors ask “What hurts?”, children often don’t understand and don’t know what to say. Our bear is designed to monitor and measure your child’s blood pressure, heart rate, and even body temperature. Our bear will be a great companion to your child and will be there for them when they need a friend. Our goal is to help kids overcome their fear of hospitals and check ups by giving them a lovable companion that will help doctors and parents better understand how they feel. Our company is asking for $12,000,000. With this funding, MedaBear Inc. will pay for production space and hire workers. We will purchase the materials for the bear and have 1,000 hospitals models and 1,500 home models in our first year. Our main focus is to sell our products to parents and doctors for children. Households with children under the age of eight is our main market. We will advertise in hospitals and in T.V commercials. At Medabear Inc., we can’t bear to see your kid sick.


Executive Team
CEO: Marvin Bustamante
CFO: Wiese Jalali
CMO: Isaac Haro
CTO: Juan Garcia

MediGel is a manufacturer of medical products that are economically priced, and widely available to the public. Our product will have two models, a commercial product that is an assortment of bandages in multiple sizes, infused with our product MediGel. MediGel is a jelly-like substance that is made of hydrogels, that are comprised of 90% water and 10% polymer. It is made specifically to heal wounds and injuries faster by applying moisture to the wound to prevent cracking and flaking of the skin, a cooling sensation that will sooth away any pain felt, and will promote fibrosis or the growth of skin tissue in a wound. The commercial model of MediGel will be housed in a clear, blue, low-profile container, that will hold an assortment of bandages varying in size, infused with an additive of MediGel. Our second model is a professional grade product that will be marketed towards first responders, paramedics, hospital staff, and military medical personnel. It will be housed in a high-visual, thick foil, that will be flexible to allow for carry in an Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) that is worn by most police, military, and paramedic personnel in the field. It will contain a wider variety of bandage sizes infused with MediGel, and will have a thicker gauze pad for the absorption of blood and bodily fluids. We ask that we are given $15 million to our company and in return we will offer 45% of our company, this amount will be used to cover manufacturing costs, advertising and marketing campaigns, and the advancement of technology for more efficient manufacturing.


Executive Team
CEO: Caitlyn Gonzales
CFO: Cynthia Plascencia
CTO: Jose Ramirez

Our company, MEVE, was founded to see change in sport activity and individual success. It is here to help those athletes be better at what they’re passionate about by helping them become better athletes at a more efficient pace while staying safe. MEVE is targeted toward the 11.89 million high school athletes in America. In order to help those student athletes, our company is requesting $10,000,000 that will go towards further research for our product, a bigger production site, and marketing.

Nano Detector

Executive Team
CEO: Alondra Huerta
CFO: Ariana Garcia
CTO: Jacob Duenas
CMO: Harrison Jone

Our company, Nano Detector has created a product named Nanox DSD. The Nanox DSD a pill, injection or inhaler that will help detect any disease or sickness in the Digestive, Circulatory or Reparatory system. The target market is everyone, from babies to the elderly. It has a wide market since there are many form of intake and it is non-invasive. We request an initial investment of $2 million dollars for acquisition of resources, hiring employees, and marketing.

Neuro Tech

Executive Team
CEO: Ana Jacobo
CTO: Alejandro Guzman
CMO: Michaela Fuller-Miller

The name of our product is Neuro Tech. There are seven to ten million people worldwide living with Parkinson’s Disease. These people suffer from Tremors, Poor posture and even loss of balance. Neuro Tech is here to help those diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, gain the control they’ve always had. The Neuro Tech headband was made to help effectively reduce the severity of the tremors that come with PD. The Neuro Tech headband is made with a comfortable, synthetic blend of cotton to stretch around the head. Carefully planted in between the material, are Neuroelectrodes made specifically to send continuous electrical impulses to the substantia nigra. The substantia nigra is a part of the brain where certain nerves that control movement. Our product will be addressing people with Parkinson’s Disease and the symptoms caused by it. We are asking 6,250,000 for start-up and have our company starting.

Never Waste Inc.

Executive Team
CEO: Alexander Aviles
CFO: Jenesse Pahua
MSO: Adolpho Navarro

People are wasting a lot of food due to that food expiring before they have the chance to even use it. In America alone, the average amount of food wasted is about 30 pounds a month per family. That’s where our product comes in, Neverwaste. Neverwaste is an application for your phone or tablet that will not only take inventory of the food you have, but will also notify you when certain foods are going to expire. Once notified, you will also be given recipes using the items that are about to expire, as well as coupons to buy more of what you will soon need. We plan to target parents and care-givers: our product makes preparing healthy, fresh meals for the family easier by taking the away the stress of not knowing if you have ingredients in the kitchen. We are requesting a series B investment of $1,200,000 for a 20% share of our company. This money will cover our second year costs of production– expenses for application development and distribution, labor costs, marketing and advertising.


Executive Team
CEO: Alejandro Portillo
CTO: Seaira Thomas
CMO&CFO: Skylar Walden

Throughout time people have been self-conscious about their smile due to bad odor and discoloration of teeth. Not only that, but also the percentage of people who have periodontal disease (gum disease) is staggering and people don’t realize that they have the disease until it’s at an advanced age. To help decrease the percent of people who get periodontal disease, Novafresh was created. It is intended to help get whiter and healthier teeth. Novafresh is a mouthguard shaped brace that will be placed upon the teeth with a customized fit where a motorized brush will release the toothpaste and glide across your teeth to help you get a satisfactory cleanse. Our target market is anyone from the age of 7-50 we include customizable colors and many features including colors and flavors. NovaFresh asks for 1,000,000 dollars.

Park & Go

Executive Team
CEO: Gabriela Tapia
CFO: Angelica Porter
CMO: Enes Redzic

Parking is one of the biggest issues in crowded cities and can take up to 15 minutes out of your day. With our app, Park & Go, you will see exactly where parking is available to guarantee your spot so you won’t need to waste your valuable time. The parking spots will range from parking garages to home drive-ways to give you a wider variety of spots to choose from. Our app targets commuters and visitors who come to the city for recreational purposes since they are the ones who need the parking for more than one day. We are asking for $18,000,000 for advertising on billboards and radio stations along with creating the app.


Executive Team
CEO: Elena Cullen
CFO: Angelica Mancol
CTO: Sepi Tuavao
CMD: Leticia Rodriguez

Our company, Rememory, is dedicated to helping those with memory loss live an easier life. Our product is an ear piece with a sensor that is able to target the memory-processing part of the brain. This stimulates the brain and stops the bad brain waves, allowing better brain waves to flow instead of the ones causing memory loss. There is a need for such a product due to the increasing amount of people with Alzheimer’s or some sort of memory loss. There are currently 5 million people in America with Alzheimer’s and 44 million people worldwide. Our initial investment request of $21 million is only a fraction of the 30% return on investment that we offer to our generous investors.


Executive Team
CEO: Alejandra Rosas
CFO: Albert Morales
CTO: Evon Sarinana
CMO: Adriana Barajas

Our company is SecureVision and our product is SecureGlasses. SecureGlasses were invented to give the visually impaired a safer life. SecureGlasses helps break through the fear of traveling that many blind people have. With our unique glasses, which is accompanied with an earpiece, the blind will once again have a working pair of eyes to guide them through any obstacle. SecureGlasses have built-in cameras that are used to scan the user’s surroundings and warn the user of any obstacles in his/her path. We are targeting the visually impaired in the United States through the ages of 13 to 50. In addition, SecureVision will sell to doctors and medical clinics in order to give our customers the option of buying SecureGlasses through insurance. We are asking for an investment of $25 million, which will turn into $150 million.

Somno Health

Executive Team
CEO/CTO: Esthela Gomez
CFO: Gabriela Prieto
CMO: Lysette Plascencia

We are part of Somno Health and have a product “Cloud”. We have done research on how SIDS and ASSB affect infants and causes their death. Even though doctors say that there is no cure for these they can be taken care of by handling them with the correct things that they need. Infants who are 0-4 months are more at risk and as they get older it decreases. It affects mostly the infants who are born with heart, respiratory and mental problems. Our product is a mattress pad that will detect any abnormality in the infants vital signs and alert the person in care or emergency. Our target market is parents/guardians, who are constantly worried about their child’s health. We are asking for an investment of $69 Million.