Winners – 2018

Digital Safari Innovation Fair – December 2018
Participating Companies



CEO – Johan Mercado

CTO – Jonathan Murillo

CFO – Kameron Perry

At Acoustic, our mission is to help children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, who are at a very critical point in their lives who need help while their parents aren’t available. Our product Beats is designed to be connected at all times with the user. When there is even a slight change in their stress indicators, our app is ready to respond and play music. When you buy the product, the app comes free. When you open the app for the first time, it will ask you a series of questions. From there, all is needed is to connect the product to the phone through bluetooth. And that’s it, effective, dependable, and simple. There’s No Better Way.

Budi Inc.

CEO – Megane Tchatchouang

CTO – Davinder Ram

Marketing Director – Athyna Do

Budi’s mission is to build a safer, connective community on campus through digital innovation. To achieve our goal, our company has developed a safety app exclusively for college students that focuses on three main features: connect, alert and explore. Through Budi, students can connect with each other to walk together instead of alone. Students can send alerts to the Budi community of suspicious activity and emergencies that could be potential dangers. Lastly, Budi users can explore their campus and the surrounding community using Budi. Having Budi on their phones at all times, students can make their overall college experience a safer and better one. Because with Budi, it’s a lot better together.


CEO – Colin Caban

CTO – Diego Gomez

CMO – Darlyne Pike

Our Mission is to help students focus and be productive in the classroom. ClearMind is an app that empowers parents and school districts to limit students’ phone usage during the school day. Our app can be customized to allow or block any app that fits with the user’s needs. Users will also receive notifications from the app as well, letting them know how the student is doing, or if he/she left campus, which leads to one of the features of our app. When the student is present in the classroom, he/she will be marked present in the attendance system. This will save time from roll call. As a reward for students who spend a certain amount of time away from distracting apps, they will be put into our monthly $5,000 scholarship raffle. ClearMind is the most innovative kind of productivity app on the market, Supporting your best self.


CEO – Tommy Hayes

CTO – Susana Vazquez

CFO – Fernando Sandoval

Echo is trying to expand opportunity for deaf and hard of hearing people. Our product, Echo Glasses, is a fashionable pair of glasses that is able to detect speech and sign language and turn it into text for the user. The glasses have software that creates a close caption on the lenses that the user can read. It will also have a safety precaution warning if the user is in any danger, by flashing a red light in the matter of seconds.The software of Echo will be updated every couple of months, along with our application that can connected to the glasses. With Echo, envision the world.


CEO – Jonathan Tran

CTO – Aaron Sen

Marketing Director – Maria Gallegos

Our mission at EcoPal is to help reduce the amount of pollution in the ecosystem and to help people save their money due to the rising prices of gas. The product that we have created is an app that allows drivers to be more fuel efficient and earn rewards for their driving performance. In addition, the app has a feature that allows for carpooling for people who either don’t necessarily have access to transportation or want a cheap ride to their work with fellow commuters. EcoPal is mainly aiming towards commuters and low or middle-class individuals. EcoPal is an easy to use app that connects to the user’s phone GPS while driving to measure the speed and acceleration to calculate real-time fuel consumption. There is also a search feature that connects users together and have them share a vehicle based on their locations and destinations for a cheap clean ride. EcoPal’s purpose is to save fuel and save the environment.


CEO – Cecilia De Santos

CTO – Joseph Co

CFO – Phillip Mathis

Marketing Director – Rafael Grande

The Fine app is a service that provides information on how to get health insurance and have some financial stability for newcomers. Our app uses information the newcomers can provide, such as a green card, work visa, or anything else. And with this information, our app will calculate what insurance they qualify for and suggest a few options for the user. Addressing the financial obstacle, our app will survey users on their income status; we will recommend options on how to save money or get money, through budgeting or jobs. No need to worry with Fine.


CEO – Ricky Ebalo

CTO – Sergio Angulo

CFO – Edward Clark

Our mission at Firewatch™ is to create a form of community that is able to watch each other’s back in order to keep the people safe from fires. The Scout is an outdoor fire/smoke detector that detects signs of fires using methods such as the wind and chemicals in burning fires. Each individual Scout is a single unit of a mesh network. In this mesh-network, each Scout gives each other status updates about the current environment, keeping everyone informed. With this, we can prepare for fires before they become as devastating as previously. Scout will initially be used in forested areas and then later in more urban areas. With one alert, a fire can be stopped before it grows.

Green Machine

CEO – Richard Ung

CTO – Maya Miller

CFO – German Udave

Our product is robot designed to address pollution in the environment. The Green Machine won’t be any normal robot, but will be programmed to pick up trash on the ground and insert it into the robots waste bin inside and sort the trash. When the sensors in the machine detect that the waste bin is full, it will alert people replace the trash bin. There will be servers that connects to all the machines, making it easy to know the status of each trash bin and how much trash has filled up the robots. The Green Machine will make our environment clean and safer for the people living in the community.


CEO – Cesar Fajardo

CTO – Massinissa Diche

CFO – Mariah Ford

Inpulsa is clothing, pants, and sleeves that elders will wear to assist them while walking. It consists of artificial muscle, sensors, and electrical arrays. The sensors sense the posture and the muscle activity then it sends the data to the artificial muscle so will help them move around, it also sends signals to the electrical arrays so it will help them move. It comes with an application that can be installed on your phone. The user can turn on/off the suit, track the distance, the duration and also control how much assistance the pants gives.

CEO – Gwen Delos Santos

CTO – Edgar Garcia-Avallaneda

CFO – Jean Browning

Marketing Director – Ken Abillar

Our mission is to make sure people interested in going to college make the right decision for their future. Our product provides stress-free college research making college planning easier than ever. My Future College is the first informative college application designed to help students figure out where to go, what subject to study, and what to do once they get into their dream college. Invest in our product now, because this is the gateway to the future, where your education is our mission.


CEO – Lauren Carroll

CTO – Nicole Taneo

CFO – Eren Stout

Marketing Director- Alexa Sotto

Our goal at LANE is to reduce the increasing number of victims of human trafficking and assault. To do this, we have created the Safelet. This is an everyday bracelet that tracks your location in the event of an emergency. Some features of the Safelet include an emergency alert system and removal detection. We have partnered with some non-profit organizations like UNICEF and RAINN that will give one Safelet to someone in need for every safelet purchased. Remember that you can save someone else by saving yourself.


CEO – Priscilla Martinez

CTO – Rogetz Gutierrez

CFO – Javier Ramirez

Marketing Director – Brandon Chung

Meditect is an app designed to organize and manage patient information for hospitals. Our main goal is to provide a cheap, efficient, and easy-to-use app that will assist doctors and nurses and aid in preventing under, over, and misdiagnosis. Since medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States, claiming hundreds of thousands of lives yearly, we have decided to take a stand and demand quality health care for all. Meditect: For the Improvement of Patient Health Care.